Current Student Accommodation

The Farnham Campus is UCA’s largest with around 2,200 students enrolled here each year. UCA’s Student Village (built in the mid-1990s) currently provides 380 bedrooms for students on site.

On average, UK universities generally provide accommodation on campus for approx. 30% of their students annually. UCA currently provides accommodation for approx. 17% of its students each year.

As a result, many UCA students live in private rented accommodation in Farnham that is not purpose-built to meet their needs. Living off campus makes it harder for students to get involved in campus life and requires travelling to and from the University.

As part of our masterplan, UCA requires more accommodation on the Farnham Campus to:
  • Meet the needs of current and
    future students
  • Add to and enhance the Campus community atmosphere and environment
  • Provide a range of student accommodation options expected of a leading university
  • Deliver a modern and sustainable university campus
Existing accommodation in the Student Village on UCA’s Farnham Campus