Sustainable Travel

UCA is developing travel plans that encourage sustainable modes of transport across all four of its campuses.

In Farnham, UCA currently provides approx. 389 unmarked and unlit parking spaces on a temporary substandard gravel surface.

As part of the Student Residences Project, we will provide 252 new hard landscaped parking spaces which are properly surfaced, have good drainage and will be suitably lit. The new parking area will also have clearly defined spaces that are for disabled users, car sharers, motorcyclists and charging for electric vehicles.

We are developing a Sustainable Travel Plan in consultation with staff, students and the local community to encourage alternative, sustainable transport modes.

Existing car park

Car Share

In our surveys 41% of staff and 53% of students told us they are willing to car share.

Later this year we are launching Liftshare, a digital carshare platform for our staff and students. As part of the scheme we will:

  • Operate a Guaranteed Ride Home policy
  • Provide dedicated parking spaces for carsharers


Better facilities would encourage 58% of our staff and up to 61% of students to cycle to Campus.

UCA will be providing:

  • New and improved shower and changing facilities
  • More cycle parking
  • A relaunched Cycle to Work scheme
  • Access to affordable and reconditioned bikes as well as maintenance and repair advice to staff and students.